Why Choose Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing?

Clinton Maintenance Plumbing

Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing offer a wide range of commercial kitchen & bathroom fixtures that are energy efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly. The Clinton Engineering Group is a full service business that works with clients to design and manufacture commercial kitchen & bathroom fixtures. We have a great selection of high quality, energy efficient and beautiful fixtures that will fit into any new or existing building. Commercial kitchen & bathroom fixtures such as faucets, sinks, toilet seats, and bath tubs can make any space more functional and beautiful. Our fixtures include sinks, tubs, showers, countertops, faucets, toilets, cooking ranges, built-in microwave/refrigerator combos, icemakers, steam cleaners, dishwashers and water heaters. You can choose from hundreds of options to make your space as elegant as possible.

The contractor you hire to do Clinton Dining & Building work will coordinate with your architect and local contractors to complete the project according to your individual specifications. The general contracting specialist is in charge of the design, building and maintenance of all central heating and plumbing systems in a home. The Clinton contractor is also in charge of supplying an on-site maintenance schedule to make sure all systems stay operational. The contractor will coordinate with you on the frequency of servicing and guarantee that you will receive an estimate for routine maintenance as well as a quote for major repairs.

If your Clinton contractor fails to perform necessary maintenance or repairs, you are held liable for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of their negligence. Any loss or damage resulting from Clinton Dining & Building plumbing or electrical systems is your responsibility alone. If there is damage or malfunction of any system that affects the functioning of your home’s plumbing or electrical, you will be held liable. If you have questions regarding your plumbing or electrical systems, you should consult your Clinton plumber for consultation prior to hiring them. You must provide them with a list of your plumbing and electrical components and they will then inspect your property to determine the root cause of any problems.

Your chosen Clinton contractor must be licensed with the Clinton City Planning Commission and should have a record of outstanding performance with respect to the certification of the plumbing contractor. Clinton Plumbing and Clinton Dining are members of the Commercial Builders Association of the Americas (CBA). They have achieved the Certified Plumbing Contractor (CP) title and a Business License (BLC) from the Clinton City Planner. CP’s are required to complete an annual re-inspection to confirm that they are maintaining a high standard of business practices. A BLC shows that the contractor has the financial responsibility to continue to operate a pluming operation that meets all applicable codes.

If you decide to hire one of these Clinton contractors to take care of your Clinton Dining and Building needs, you should know that these contractors will give you a written guarantee before starting work. This is called a Pre-Certification Check. In this document, the contractor will outline the scope of work and a list of problems that have been encountered and have been repaired by him so far. The entire list should be kept for future reference and the contractor will not be allowed to hire anyone else to perform work on the project without first obtaining the OK from the Clinton City Planning Commission.

Once the pre-certification check has been accomplished, the general plumbing contractor will schedule an inspection of the entire plumbing system. The inspection will pinpoint the exact location of the leaks and faulty connections. The repair process usually takes less than an hour and the entire plumbing system can be fixed within a few hours. Clinton Plumbing and HVAC know that your satisfaction is their number one priority. In fact, they work hard to ensure every client is satisfied with their work.

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