Top Countertop Ice Maker Machine Reviews

There are many reasons you might need a countertop ice maker. You might be hosting frequent parties or you may prefer to have fresh ice on hand for those times when you want your drinks extra cold. You might also want to have a choice of ice shapes, sizes and textures. Whatever your reason, the best ice machine will produce high-quality ice, be easy to use and maintain, and fit into the space on your counter. Choosing the right machine requires a bit of research and consideration of your needs and lifestyle. We reviewed the most popular options on the market, taking into account price, water and ice capacity, ice shape and size, noise level, and how well the machines keep up with demand.

During our testing, we looked for a countertop Ice Maker Machine Reviews that was simple to use and had a convenient water reservoir with a fill line. We also looked for an ice maker that could be used with a smartphone app, which is useful if you are entertaining and need to schedule a new batch of ice or if you’re away from home and need to check on the status.

Some ice makers have a built-in dispenser, which makes it easier to grab the ice you need. Others have a small tray that can be used to hold ice for quick drinks. Still, others have a small storage bin that holds enough ice to last an hour or more. We also looked for an ice maker with indicators for an empty water reservoir or a full ice basket. Finally, we looked for a machine that is energy efficient and offers a good value.

This tiny ice maker is ideal for dinner parties, RVs, and road trips. It produced a respectable amount of ice in an hour—nine cubes every 7 to 15 minutes—and was easy to set up and use. However, it has a lower water capacity than some other models, so you might have to refill it more often.

The Whisper Quiet Luma Comfort makes the crystal-clear ice you might find at a craft cocktail bar or soda fountain by cascading water over a freezing cold honeycomb to create a sheet of cubes. It has a simple control panel with just one button and a light to indicate process status, as well as an indicator that lets you know if the ice bin is full or if you need to add water.

The Opal is a first-of-its-kind countertop ice machine that produces clear, large cubes in less time than it would take you to make them in your freezer at home. It’s a favorite of mixologist Barlow Gilmore, who notes that the ice “keeps your drinks super-cold and dilutes nicely when you’re serving some cocktails tall and want them to last a bit longer.” This ice maker has a large see-through bin and comes with a basic ice scoop. It has a large window for process monitoring and to check the ice levels, and it can be connected to Wi-Fi so you can monitor your machine remotely via the app.

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