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Table of Contents

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Chapter One: An introduction to TIME ALTERATIONS: an option to live.
A Price to Be Paid
Resistance to Change
The Emotional Gap
The Desire Factor
The Simpler the Better
A Train Ride West
Check the Oil, Joe!
The Guy with All the Answers
“Thanks for the Memories”

Chapter Two: The Theory of TIME ALTERATIONS
The world is of mental construction
Imagination is more important than knowledge
Time is only floating in your mind
Physical health is a state of mind

Chapter Three: Set Me Free, or More Mysteries from the Universal Mind
Say NO to Illness
It’s a Miracle
Don’t Let External Obstacles Fool You
At the Helm
Practice Makes Permanent


Chapter Four: Practice
Starting from Scratch
Practice Still Makes Permanent
Worksheet: Section A
Worksheet: Section B
Worksheet: Section C
Worksheet: Section D
Worksheet: Section E
How Much TIME Does All This Stuff Take?
When Do I See Results?
What If?, What If?, What If?
Shall I Throw Away the Crutches?
A Defensive Emotional Position
Watch for Your Cue

Chapter Five: Not to Worry

Chapter Six: And then it Was My Turn
The Power of the Pyramid
Dis-ease = Lack of Harmony
The Razor’s Edge

Chapter Seven: Conclusion: A Fireside Symposium

List of Illustrations

The light of truth’s high noon

…the power belongs to he who knows

…reflections in a well

…are you sick because you believe you are sick?

…worrying… doesn’t get us very far

…no limitations

…the promise to be near each time you call