August N. Alonzo

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    Alonzo, August N.
    TIME ALTERATIONS: an option to live
    / August N. Alonzo
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    This book is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Catherine Angeline Alonzo, whose bout with cancer and chemotherapy has impressed upon me the desperate need for this book to be written.

    --August N. Alonzo
    Glencoe, Illinois

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    Someone once said, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” but I can’t remember who said it, which is really the point I want to make. All the knowledge presented in this book is universal and belongs to all. If I bring anything new, it is only a new way of saying that which was told to me by the many teachers – both formal and informal – who have helped me along the way. To all these teachers I now say thank you. My tribute to you is that I now pass along this work to others. As I proceed through this course, I will often use quotes and will give credit when I can. Please forgive me if I can’t remember.

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    About the Author

    August N. Alonzo has dedicated the last 35 years studying with the most prominent authorities in the areas of Expanded Consciousness and Holistic Health. These studies, which have given Mr. Alonzo exceptional understanding, include Psycho-Cybernetics, Transcendental Meditation, Sufi Wisdom, Esoteric Astrology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Hermetic Science, Herbal Alchemy, Pyramidology and Bio-Feedback. He has also studied and practices a wide range of Yoga techniques.

    Mr. Alonzo also displays impressive professional credentials in the music and entertainment fields and as a registered commodity trader.

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    To meet Augie Alonzo is to be immediately beset with wonderment. One is confronted with a person who is small in stature, but whose very presence seems to radiate large amounts of enthusiasm, energy, and confidence.

    Here is a musician whose East and West Coast experiences as producer, writer and performer have brought him much fame and friendship. Although he began his study of the piano way past the time many mothers expose their youngsters, his diligence and obvious talent have triumphed. As he composes on his keyboard, his voice, too, is as sweet as the notes and the lyrics he pens.

    Here is a mathematician whose abilities have brought him recognition and success in the pinstripe-suit and paisley-tie world of the financial markets. He is licensed by the Commodity Exchanges as an advisor, and is a professional investment specialist who has shared his forecasting abilities on radio and TV.

    Here, too, is a mystic – a man obviously enthralled and driven by the outer reaches of the universe. A man who questions as much as he studies, who is not afraid to explore, to hypothesize, to search out an answer.

    The result of such a unique blending of strengths and knowledge yields a man with the desire to share what he knows with those who can benefit. The result is TALT, Time ALTerations training, which Mr. Alonzo reveals in this book because he genuinely cares about his students and sincerely wants to foster health maintenance for all with the desire to explore, the intelligence to hypothesize and the flexibility to search out alternatives.

    --Barbara H. Wohlstadter

    Table of Contents

    Chapter One: An introduction to TIME ALTERATIONS: an option to live.