“The human personality has no limitations except those which it accepts. There are no limits to its development or growth, if it will accept no limits.”

Jane Roberts

Chapter Six

And Then It Was My Turn

I had mentioned in Chapter One that I would let you know when I was expressing my personal views as opposed to objectively presenting TALT principles. This is it. Along the way to acquiring the TALT information that I have just presented, I also learned a few other things I believe can be of value in healing and health maintenance. These optional programs are not part of TALT training, but I do believe that they can get you “walking on water” more quickly by helping to create a more receptive state of emotion, mind and body. TALT will work with or without these additional factors, but I believe we can use all the assistance we can get. So, let’s have a peek at these other factors before the sun sets.

The Power of the Pyramid

Yes, I admit it. I won’t deny it.

I have slept in/under a five-and-one-half foot high copper pyramid frame for the last eleven years. Why? After hearing about, reading, and studying with knowledgeable authorities in the field, I decided it was worth a try and I have been doing so ever since. I figured anything that can cause a razor blade to sharpen itself – as pyramid forms can – must have something going on inside. I believe it can enhance and hasten the regenerative process and ultimately get us “walking on water” more quickly.

Pyramids are inexpensive or can be made quite easily at home. Why it works, how it works, and when it works are not the domain of this book. However, there are any number of books on the subject of pyramid power. With a little effort, these can be located at specialty bookstores or even at your local library.

* * *

Dis-ease = Lack of Harmony

The first manifestation to emerge from the basic universal component is sound. Sound is basic to life itself. The lack of proportion of sound within our body, mind, and emotions creates disease.

Like the other programs presented in this section that are based on my opinions, we do not need to practice with the healing nature of sound – as presented – in order for TALT to be effective. But, some of you may find this useful.

TAQUA Records has released a special record album, “TALT’s Theme.” This album, recorded by the musical group “Keepsake” is available at bookstores, record stores, or by contacting the publisher.

The title cut on this recording is called “TALT’s Theme” and was written especially from me to you. This music was written from the same block of emotional energy that this entire TALT training course was written. There is a definite affinity between the two.

As we proceed with our TALT training we will recognize our progress by a growing sense of clarity of perception. It is during these periods of clear perception that the issues presented in this book will be our reality, with its accompanying state of optimism. Then, the phone may ring, or someone may knock on the door, or any other series of mundane events which require our attention may distract us from this clarity. We will get caught up in the issues at hand and simultaneously will lose our state of optimism.

When this happens, it’s time for a tune-up. Just as we have our Not To Worry list to bolster our views during periods of doubt, we now have “TALT’s Theme” to remind us on the deep emotional level that we have nothing at all to worry about. As the famous Doctor Pavlov worked with a conditioned response to the sound of a bell, so too, will we condition ourselves to activate the desired state of clarity and optimism by listening to “TALT’s Theme.”

Thus, until such time as the desired state of health and optimism becomes our permanent reality, we now have yet another tool to assist us on our journey to health.

Anyone care to dance?

[TAQUA Records is providing a free MP3 copy of the "TALT's Theme" album: www.cine-tec.com/taqua-records]

* * *

1,2,3,4 … 1,2,3,4 … 1,2,3,4

Oh no, exercise.

Oh yes, we all need exercise.

Again – and I am certainly not alone in this regard – I believe that, if possible, a program of exercise tailored to your particular needs can be quite effective in establishing receptivity to TALT training.

Expressing my opinion, as I'm allowed to do in this section, leads me to tell you about my personal choice of exercise programs, Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga (postures) is the most commonly known of the yogic sciences. You don’t’ have to be a scholar to learn the various bending and stretching techniques utilized, as well as the value of using them. Again, there are many books, classes and tapes on the subject of Hatha Yoga which enumerate its many advantages, but let me mention a few.

Aside from the movement and limbering, many of the postures activate the secretion of certain hormones into the blood stream. These hormones can be very helpful in avoiding depression. Hatha Yoga also includes a series of advanced breathing exercises which can be very helpful in maintaining the proper frame of mind. (Courses that include the advanced breathing techniques can be a bit harder to locate as many teachers do not offer them.)

Hatha Yoga also offers a series of personal cleansing techniques which can be quite valuable in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health.

As you can probably tell, I think highly of these programs and recommend them as useful adjuncts to TALT training. I'm sure a bit of careful research and inquiry will lead you to a qualified source for this very inexpensive tool.

Well, now that we are all in such good shape, what do you say we jog to our next stop and work up an appetite along the way?

* * *

The Razor’s Edge

Diet!? Here we are down to the last subject before the conclusion and you jeopardize everything with a discussion of diet? Don’t you know that diet is the most emotional of personal factors?

Yes. I do know people can get quite nervous when a discussion of diet comes up.

TALT teaches that healing takes place in the mind and not in the stomach, but my personal views indicate that a well-planned diet can play a very useful role in a total health and healing program.

If there are a number of books available on pyramids, and many books available on Hatha Yoga, there is a deluge of books and information available on diet. I won’t say much more than that I believe that a well thought out natural diet will offer great assistance in achieving your goals of health.

Which natural diet?

Investigate a few and choose one with which you can feel relatively comfortable. Then try it. Without belaboring the point, a natural diet can have a positive financial component as well because a well-planned natural diet can be very inexpensive. Whatever your decision regarding diet will not affect the results of your TALT training.

To end this section on diet, I will share with you a favorite recipe. In your honor, we will name this recipe TALT TONIC.

Into a blender add the following:

1 cup whole milk
½ very ripe small to medium banana
¼ measured teaspoon of ginger powder
¼ measured teaspoon of licorice powder
¼ measured teaspoon of ginseng powder

Blend and drink only once per day, approximately one hour before bedtime. The TALT TONIC is delicious, nutritious, and has great rejuvenating qualities. You may have to search a bit to find the licorice and ginseng powder, but using the phone book under the heading of herbs or health foods should yield results.

Now that it’s getting dark, I’ll let you know that I sent a few travelers ahead to camp, so when we arrive we will have a nice fire to sit around and discuss the conclusion.

Rational, eh?

* * *

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