“'The power belongs to he who knows,' and he who knows is then responsible.”

Eden Gray

Chapter Two

an option to live

The following four thoughts form the basis for TALT......................................

“The world is of mental construction”

Eastern Philosopher/Mathematician

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Doctor Albert Einstein

“Time is only floating in your mind.”

Stevie Wonder

“Physical health is a state of mind.”

(A state of mind that realizes the following: (a) that physical health is a state of mind, and (b) that we are not subject to external influence unless we believe ourselves to be. When these two issues become a reality to the conscious mind through belief reinforcement techniques, we are then in a self-perpetuating state of health.)

August N. Alonzo

Let’s explore these four thoughts one by one and see where they lead us.

#1: “The world is of mental construction.”

#2: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

#3: “Time is only floating in your mind.”

#4: “Physical health is a state of mind.” (A state of mind that realizes the following:

(a) that physical health is a state of mind, and (b) that we are not subject to external influence unless we believe ourselves to be.

When these two issues become a reality to the conscious mind through belief reinforcement techniques, we are then in a self-perpetuating state of health.)

#1/ The world is of mental construction.

The entire universe, in its physical, mental and emotional manifestations, is made of pure intelligence. Just as ice, snow, steam, and water are different manifestations of the same hydrogen-oxygen combination operating at various vibratory levels, so too is every physical object, mental thought, and emotional feeling made from this pure intelligence operating at various vibratory levels. We are, in essence, made of the very material of the universe. Our every feeling, thought, and action affect not only our personal world, but also to some degree, the entire universe.

This pure intelligence, or basic universal component as we will call it, is timeless. It always was and always will be. Just as ice, snow, steam and water through all their various manifestations return eventually to the basic hydrogen-oxygen combination, so does the entire universe in its physical, mental and emotional manifestations return eventually to this basic universal component. For now, let us utilize this basic universal component constructively to fulfill our daily needs.

The mind does not exist in some small section of the brain, but rather we live in our mind – the same mind we share with both our loved ones and our enemies. As jazz musician and mystic Horace Silver says in his song, “Cause and Effect.”:

“I am the winner and the loser, the blessed and the damned, the cause and effect of what I really am.”

I do realize this phase of the material is quite abstract. It is not essential that you grasp these concepts completely. There are, however, certain elements that are important to comprehend the full effectiveness of the techniques to be presented in the practice section of this book. These elements will be stressed at a later point. In the meantime, grasp as much of this material as you comfortably can. After all, this TALT material is to be evaluated by its effectiveness, not by your intellectual grasp of its abstract principles. Besides, some of these concepts are beyond the grasp of the intellect anyway. They can be experienced, but not intellectualized. This is the equivalent of the human eye being able to see everything but itself. To see itself, it needs a reflector.

Now that we can somewhat understand that we live in the vastness of a universal mind, let’s find out how we can put this abstract knowledge to practical use.

* * *

#2/ Imagination is more important than knowledge.

How else would a world of mental construction be molded and shaped but through the use of creative imagination?

All the dreamers and mystics of the world can now come out of the closet. Your talents have finally become valuable.

Actually, this creative imagination is something that we all already possess. As a matter of fact, it is imagination in the first place that has impressed the IMAGE of illness upon our personal portion of the universal mind. From a metaphysical point of view, we might say that the entire universe is the result of creative imagination. We might even say that

“The world we know is the dream of a higher reality.”

Hmm, imagine that!

It is not important that you believe or accept these ideas. They are presented in this book to stretch your view of what is and what is not possible for us to accomplish. Now the words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi take on added meaning.

“Anything is possible.”

In a world made of our own minds and molded and shaped through the use of imagination, indeed, anything is possible.

As you can see, we are edging further and further into the realm of the irrational. If for any reason you decide not to continue on this journey, the way out is the same way you came in. Just follow the pages in reverse. They will lead you to your starting point.

The question still remains, “Why is imagination more important than knowledge?” Knowledge without the ability to utilize it can be more frustrating than not having knowledge at all. But even if we don’t possess sufficient knowledge about a given problem, the imagination can always dream up a solution. Now that we possess the knowledge that the world is of mental construction and that it can be brought under our control through the use of creative imagination, perhaps we can begin to see a light at the end of that long, dark tunnel.

Or is that just our imagination?

* * *

#3/ Time is only floating in your mind.

Tsk! Of course! Why didn’t I think of it? If the world is of mental construction, where else would we find time, but in our mind? Does that mean we can alter time through the use of creative imagination?

Now we can have some fun. If the basic universal component is timeless, and the basic universal component makes up the entire universe, then the entire universe is timeless! Correct?

Think of time as a 10,000 page book. At the present we are on page 2136 and the main character has been diagnosed as terminally ill. We also know, or can easily find out, that the illness originated on Page 1368 of the book. As authors of this book, we can go back to page 1368 and alter the story at that point to allow a reversal of the diagnosis currently being dealt with on page 2136.

Now that’s really irrational!

Ah! You’re doing quite well.

Yesterday, or for that matter last week, or last year, or even last century still exists. Think of time as an overlay on eternity. Time provides a fixed position from which we can measure our progress. Without time we would not know that we are progressing. But nonetheless, time is still conceptual. Look at it this way: At some point you have probably sat on a train while in the station or in a car in traffic when the vehicle begins to move – or so we think – while in actuality it was the train or the car next to you that was moving. The perception that your vehicle was moving was just an illusion. So, too, with time. Time is stationary and all that really moves is our focus – as though we were reading a book.

All possibilities exist now. All possible endings to all possible stories exist now. As authors of these books we can choose whichever ending we wish. We can alter the story in whatever way we wish. The only requirement for our ending to materialize in our three-dimensional reality is that there must be a rationale.

“The rationale forms the channel by which creative imagination becomes physically materialized.”

Until this point we have been quite busy creating an “irrational” rationale (i.e. underlying reason) for why time can be altered, for why terminal illness can be erased. But our objective now is to heal and not to find fault with our irrational rationale. In fact, once we become accustomed to this irrational rationale, it becomes quite rational.

There will be more to say on the subject of time later in this book – that is, if we have time. Oh, now that I think about it, I’m sure we’ll have an eternity. Come, let’s journey on.

* * *

#4/ Physical health is a state of mind.

Well, if we found time in our minds and if the world is of mental construction, I assume we will also find health, illness and their origins in our minds as well.

This is indeed the case.

If we don’t already possess a healthful state of mind, we can produce it through the rational use of creative imagination. We can produce that special state of mind that realizes the following: (a) that physical health is a state of mind, and (b) that we are not subject to external influence unless we believe ourselves to be. We will make these two issues a reality to the conscious mind through the use of belief reinforcement techniques and, thereby create a self-perpetuating state of health while simultaneously erasing the ill-health state of mind.

Well, this sounds great to me, but I just can’t imagine it being quite so easy. Did I say “I just can’t imagine it”? My, how revealing. This is really quite mystical.

Yes, it is mysterious.

It is interesting though that mysticism is mysterious to everyone but the mystic. He or she having mastered his or her own fears regarding these mysteries can view the so-called mysteries objectively and, therefore, scientifically. Let’s move ahead to Chapter Three and see what else of interest we can find in this universal mind.

* * *

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